Children’s Clothing – Choosing Children’s Clothing – What to Look for

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To get dressed, there is no problem: you know which size to choose, you know your tastes, and you anticipate the inconvenience of this or that material. But for a baby, what about? It’s not always easy to apply the same rules for you as for your child. Thus, it is better to be even more careful when buying baby clothes. For y2k clothing  it works fine.

What Size for Your Newborn’s Clothes?

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the doctor will be able to give you an approximate idea of ​​your baby’s height and weight. According to the information given, you will have to choose between the 1 month size and the birth size to adapt to the weight of your newborn.

Indeed, if the sizes indicated on baby clothes are in months, this does not mean that they correspond to reality. It is common for a baby over 4 kg to shed on the first day of 3 months. That is why many recommend waiting for childbirth before making purchases. 

What Materials for Your Baby’s Clothes?

During the first few months, baby’s skin is fragile. Sensitive to rubbing and itching, it should not be irritated. So, we can only advise you to choose natural materials. Cotton is undoubtedly the best solution. For parents who are in an ecological approach, there are clothes in organic cotton, silk, linen.

If you choose lace or embroidered clothing for your baby, always remember to put a bodysuit underneath. These lovely details tend to itch the skin and create redness. It’d be a shame if Baby wasn’t comfortable, wouldn’t it? He needs all his concentration and all his energy to wake up and explore.

What Openings for Your Child’s Clothes?

It is essential that baby clothes are easy to put on. You will thus avoid the tears of your child who, in general, does not like to be dressed and undressed. So, for the first months, choose crossed bodysuits that do not go on over the head. 

Also, favor snaps at the crotch to facilitate diaper changes. For the first few months, avoid buttons and closures at the back. They are not very practical when you want to discreetly change the baby during the night.

What Are Good Practices For Washing An Infant’s Clothes?

Again, you have to think about baby’s fragile skin. So, when washing your clothes, choose a mild detergent. It must be free of allergens. Marseille soap is particularly a good solution. And for the most sensitive skin, a fragrance-free detergent is recommended. The shape of the detergent is also very important. It is preferable to use powdered products that are less loaded with allergenic substances.

Take a change of clothes

It never hurts to slip a more appropriate garment into the bag than what your child has put on. So, when he realizes that what he has put on is not very practical, he can change and everyone will be happy.  And of course, in any case, don’t stress too much about clothing choices. 


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