The irony of women being confined, as She Says,

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A zuo yue zi is a very special time in a woman’s life. For the first few months after her pregnancy, she is confined to her home or apartment where she will be able to have all the help and support she needs from family members, friends, and even her partner in order to get through this time of transition with little or no stress. 

But if you are the man who’s about to become a father for the first time, what can you do to make sure your wife feels supported, reassured, and appreciated during this period? How can you help her cope with her fears and anxieties so that when baby comes, it won’t be an unpleasant surprise? 

One way to help your pregnant wife is to tell her how much she means to you. This is one of those times when the words we say matter most. We know our wives well enough to know that they don’t always appreciate everything we do for them right away, but we need to reassure them that we care deeply about them, especially in these early weeks and months. 

Another thing you can do is let her know that you’re not going anywhere. You might be tempted to go out on dates with other women and forget about your wife, but she’ll feel better knowing that you are around. If there’s someone else in her life, then there’s less pressure on her to focus exclusively on herself. She doesn’t need to worry about pleasing you as she has to please others, and this will give her more energy to devote to her new baby. 

Finally, try to spend some quality time with her at home. It may seem like you’ve spent hours together every day since she was pregnant, but spending time together isn’t just important for bonding — it helps keep her mind off any worries she might have. In addition, having a relaxing evening is something she’ll sorely miss once her baby arrives. So take advantage of the time you have left before the baby comes by sharing with her all the things you two used to love doing together. 

There’s also nothing wrong with telling her how attractive she is. While it’s true that this is something men tend to pay attention to, it’s also something that many women have trouble accepting. If you tell her, you can be sure that she will see it as a compliment instead of an insult. And the confidence boost she gets from hearing such a positive message from you will make her feel good about herself and about being pregnant. 

In addition, the fact that you pay attention to her physical appearance and your reactions to her body changes is likely to remind her that you still find her desirable. The fact that you notice changes in her body could even mean that you’re attracted to her again. She’ll probably feel a sense of relief and pleasure as you reassure her that she’s still beautiful. 

When I had my first child, I told my wife several times that she looked beautiful and sexy while she was pregnant. Not only did this make me feel good about myself, but it helped her to relax and enjoy the pregnancy without worrying about her own looks. It made me realize that I needed to do the same thing for my future children because I wanted them to experience pregnancy and childbirth as a positive event rather than something stressful or uncomfortable. 

It’s also wise to show your wife that you’re willing to do anything to help her. I didn’t want to leave anything undone, so I went out and got the crib mattress and sheets she needed for the baby’s room. I also made sure that she had plenty of food and drinks available during this time. 

If you have kids, you already know that they are extremely picky eaters. That’s why it’s important to prepare nutritious meals ahead of time. But if your wife has never been pregnant, this can present a problem. 

One solution is to make her a list of foods she can cook and serve her throughout her pregnancy. Then just stick to it! If you follow your wife’s instructions, you’ll be helping her immensely. Of course, you can help her with the cooking too; just be sure to choose dishes that are easy to digest. 

The last thing you should do is listen to her. When she says that she wants to stay inside and rest, you must respect her wishes. She needs peace and quiet to calm down and think about the impending birth of her child. So if she asks you to do something, such as watch the baby overnight, you should agree to do it without argument. She’ll thank you later for respecting her wishes and giving her a chance to bond with the baby. 

In short, there are many ways you can help your wife through confinement. By showing her that you care about her and that you want to make her pregnancy a happy experience, you’ll put her at ease and help her relax. Also, by letting her know that you’re not going anywhere and that you’re eager to help her, you’re sending her reassurance that she’s not alone. And finally, by listening to her and following her advice, you’ll be able to help her bond with her unborn child. 


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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