Facts About Facebook Trend And Your Business Online

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Facebook is no doubt one of the most used and widely preferred social networking sites in the world. Online visibility is guaranteed if you are in Facebook and so is your guaranteed web traffic. Every business owner who relies on the Internet to market and promote their products or services knows the importance of getting Internet-based web traffic. Thus, if online web traffic is what you are looking for, what could be more effective and widespread in a global level than Facebook?

Getting Traffic to Site with Regularly Published Content

The secret to this is publishing truly engaging contents. Build engagement as well as loyalty through the free and effective resources on Facebook starting with sharing interesting tips, pictures and news regarding your products and services. You can do this through updating your page several times per week for maximized results. Learning how to boost your web traffic means learning how to use and include links directing Facebook users to your site. Your page posts must also have a clear message or calls to action persuading people to click through and navigate your website.

Promoting your Site through Facebook Ads

It is high time all serious and burgeoning business owners online must know and learn about Facebook Ads to increase and boost web traffic. Facebook Ads are generally clickable and large images found in the News Feeds of users whether using their mobile devices or desktop computers. These ads are used to promote a particular business and optimized to generate more customers directly to the owner’s website through product sales, special offers of exclusive content among others.

Creating a Professional Optimized Landing Page

Webpages in your site particularly your landing page must be optimized for conversion and engagement. You can promote all you want through Facebook and include URL or links in your page posts but if your landing page is not professionally created and optimized, it will not result to sales and revenue. Quality leads are easy to get and generate especially through widespread social networking sites but you must also have great websites where people can easily navigate and see your products for purchase. For instance, provide a link that directly brings the reader to the particular product you are promoting instead of a generic homepage where they will be lost.

Optimize and Measuring Ads

You can use several methods to gauge and enhance your ads in order to guarantee results through Facebook. First, optimize for clicks bidding which is one way of generating valuable leads and traffic to your site. Optimization of ads for click could show people your engaging contents. You can also test page post copy, offers, images or calls to action or CTAs. Find which of these elements drive the most leads and engagement. Or you can make use of Ads Manager accessible through Facebook to export specific and quality reports that will show the types of people who are most likely interacting with the ads you use for promotion. Knowing your audience and target market helps you change and modify your images and copy and come up with the highly performing ads.

Using Targeting Tools for your Ads

There are innumerable Facebook tools available to help business owners achieve and reach their target market, specific groups and people. For instance, you must find a specific age group, location, gender and interest so that you promote your site to the right people.

Guaranteed web traffic is achievable through trusted and proven social networking sites such as Facebook. Generate quality web traffic and leads using some of the most trusted tools and methods for businesses online.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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