All You Need To Know About Burning Incense Stick

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A lighted incense not just produces a wonderful aroma for the household, but it could also be relatively peaceful for the soul. Incense does have a long and storied history in practically all areas of the planet. Many individuals utilize incense to accompany relaxation, yoga, or merely relax, enjoying a book just at the night’s finish.

Stick incense, often known as incense sticks, seems to be the most prevalent incense utilized nowadays. There are two types of stick incense: either with a center in the center and the others without. These guides will show you how to ignite and set off stick incense without a center using the second version of incense waterfall. The procedures for burning and extinguishing stick incense containing a core are nearly identical. You have the option of lighting the incense while carrying it or after it has been dropped in such an incense burner. Its lighting technique is identical for all.

Steps to burn an incense stick

  1. To maintain this stick incense firm and oriented vertically, you could either grasp either end or lay this on another incense burner.
  2. Just like you might a candle flame, burn the opposite tip of your stick incense using a flame or light. Ensure the incense is completely submerged inside the flame until something burns and a little flame appears.
  3. Please take a few moments for the spark to die out before gently fanning or blowing it out.
  4. Look for the spark on the incense tip. This incense has already been ignited adequately if you notice a tiny bright ember, as well as a fair bit of smoke, rising out from the end. Unless you’re not sure, wait a moment or two before checking and determine whether one could sense the incense and if additional ash has formed just at the tip. When there is no blazing flame, no odors, and no ashes, the incense has been entirely burned by mistake, so you would need to redo procedures 1-3 previously.
  5. Unless you were holding the stick in your palm, you could now put it in the incense container. Make confident that the incense tip is inside the incense burner’s boundaries, ensuring that excess ash could be caught just on the burner.
  6. Take a seat and inhale the aroma of the smoldering incense stick.

How to put out the flame of the incense stick?

People don’t always need to burn the whole stick of the incense. Maybe you intended to use this incense for just a 15-minute meditative or 10-minute studying session. During this situation, you could extinguish an incense that is half-burned and save the rest for one’s next visit.


There really are two primary methods for lighting stick incense waterfall. Some directions may state that you should immerse this burning stick into the water. We recommend not to do so because water could degrade the incense’s taste and hinder that from smoking correctly in the future. The two procedures listed here are simple and preserve its incense dry and prepare during the next burn.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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