Key Points In Web Traffic Analysis Uncover The Secrets To Increased Targeted Visitors

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Even if you buy online visitors to direct to your site, you still need to analyse your web traffic to upsurge your business revenues.

It is easy to buy online visitors to increase your page ranking. There are many resources online which can supply cheap website hits, adult visitors, or even PPC deals. However, converting these numbers into income is the tricky part.

Cheap online visitors would still turn out to be costly if all they make is increase your page views but not your returns. The first step on avoiding this unwarranted result is to learn how to interpret your web data.

Although this may sound technical and challenging to beginners, it is a venture that can be learned over time. Many web hosting programs and companies offer data interpretation and analysis to their plans. The question is: how can you integrate this into your business?

Possibly the most common misconception a web owner makes is that the number of page views corresponds to the number of business transactions. Do not be lulled into the complacent impression that high figures in your page views mean that your business is doing well.

What you need to consider is what these visitors do while on your web page.

Learn the Difference between Website Hits and Quality Website Visitors

A website hit is technically an instance when a visitor landed on your web page. Websites statistics counter like Google Analytics and Stat Counter record the number of hits a website gets. Before, web masters can improve their site ranking simply by increasing the volume of hits they are getting.

This trend resulted to the production of spams, malwares, bots, and other manipulative software devices. The focus of this strategy is to drive hits through quantity without giving much emphasis on quality of traffic. Because search engines are always in the look out to catch spams and other suspicious online activities, this mode of generating website traffic is constantly being banned.

Major search engines are always honing their service by generating the best results to users. If you want to be counted into the first page of trusted sites like Google and Bing, steer clear of website hits generated by bots and spams.

One way to test if the targeted visitors you buy are real people is to monitor the time they spend on your web pages. Take note that even if these are real internet users, the ability to capture your visitors’ attention still relies on the lure of your website.

Find out why visitors exit your page without buying your products. More importantly, make a plan which gives your visitors a reason to return and be regulars in your site.

Bank on the Right Key Phrases for Your Website

What would internet users have to type in order to find you in the vast and jam-packed World Wide Web?

Internet users usually check out the fastest and easiest answers to their queries as supplied by search engines. However, it is also important to note that while you may be ranked higher in SEO results, a visitor can still close out your page if the site does not appeal to their taste.

Thus, another point to ponder is if your website corresponds to your key phrases. Even if users typed in the exact key words targeting your website, your web design is also a vital component to consider. Are the pictures in your website appropriate to the content? Is the font fitting? Are the other visual features relevant?

These key points sound elementary but they are actually the make or break of generating not just hits but quality targeted visitors to your website.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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