Where are Riese and Muller bikes made?

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Riese and Muller Bikes

Riese and Muller bikes are the perfect combination of style and performance. These innovative, electric-powered bicycles have been designed to provide an unbeatable riding experience for even the most demanding cyclist. With their sleek lines, low weight, and smooth ride, Riese and Muller bikes bring a new level of luxury to the biking industry.

The German company has long been known for its high-end design and engineering prowess, but where exactly are these impressive machines made? This article will investigate that question in depth. We’ll look at the countries involved in production as well as why Riese and Muller choose each one for its specific components. We’ll also examine how this affects the quality of their products and what makes them so popular with riders around the world.

Overview: Company Origins

The renowned E-bike manufacturer, Riese and Muller, has been producing its high-quality bicycles since 1993. Founded by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, the company is based in the town of Mulfingen, Germany. From its humble beginnings as a small two-man operation, Riese & Muller has grown to become one of the most esteemed bicycle companies in Europe.

Riese & Muller bikes are renowned for their quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Every bike is crafted with precision and detail, making them ideal for everyday use or more intense cycling expeditions. As a result of this dedication to excellence and innovation, customers from around the world have come to love their products. Additionally, Riese & Muller works closely with local material suppliers to ensure that their products are made with only the finest components available on the market today.

Manufacturing Process – Where are Riese and Muller bikes made?

Riese and Muller bikes have become an iconic symbol of quality, precision engineering, and craftsmanship. But what exactly goes into the manufacturing process behind these stunningly designed bicycles? To answer this question, it’s important to look at where Riese and Muller build their bikes.

The company has two main production facilities in Germany; one in Dinklage which focuses on the production of high-end e-bikes, while the other facility in Neuruppin is dedicated to producing regular city-style bikes. All bikes produced by Riese and Muller rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as laser cutting for frames, 3D printing for small components like handlebar grips or brakes, as well as a host of other highly precise techniques.

Quality Control: Riese and Muller Bicycles

Riese and Muller bicycles have become the industry standard for quality electric bikes. With their patented designs, electronic components, and durable frames, these bikes are built to last. But one of the most important factors in the craftsmanship of a Riese & Müller bike is its production location: Germany. This European nation has established itself as a leader in cyclist-friendly infrastructure, advanced engineering capabilities, and strict quality control standards that ensure only high-grade materials are used for each bike’s construction.

R&M bicycles are manufactured at two separate locations in Germany: one near Frankfurt/Main and another close to Hamburg. Both facilities employ specialized engineers with decades of experience building electric bikes from scratch.

Local Production

Local Production is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the bicycle industry. Riese and Muller, a German manufacturer of electric bicycles, has been on the leading edge of this movement since their founding in 1993. Their mission has always been to create high quality products with attention to detail and craftsmanship. As such, they have chosen to limit their production exclusively within Germany and source all components at local suppliers.

Riese and Muller’s commitment to local production is not only rooted in their desire for excellence but also their commitment to sustainability. They pride themselves on using renewable energy sources for all aspects of production which further reduces their carbon footprint. In addition, they are committed to ethical labor practices with all employees working under fair wages and conditions.

Global Expansion

Global expansion is something Riese and Muller have achieved over the past decade. The highly specialized German bicycle brand has become a leader in the industry for its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and superior customer service. From their headquarters in Beerfelden, Germany, Riese and Muller bikes are now being sold worldwide.

The company began producing bicycles out of its original factory more than 15 years ago. Since then they’ve expanded their production facilities to meet growing demand from customers around the world. In addition to manufacturing bikes at home in Germany, Riese and Muller also produce bicycles at select overseas locations including Taiwan, China, Vietnam and India. With a global presence that spans across five continents, the German bike manufacturer continues to make strides in international markets as it expands into new territories each year with an ever-growing portfolio of new models.


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