GTA 6- Everything You Need To Know About

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After the great success of GTA 5, there were many rumours about a new game the company was going to launch. Finally, after several speculations, the Rockstar Games has confirmed the active development of a new title of Grand Thief Auto. It is the most popular P.C. game; people of all age groups love to play this game (especially teenagers).

If you want to play any title of Grand Thief Auto, you can directly download it from the internet. However, in some games like GTA4 and GTA 5, Rockstar also offers online servers where you can play the game without downloading it using the internet. If you don’t know about how to play GTA games, you can search how to GTA tutorials on Google.

Many leaks came out about this game; in this article, we will read about news, official Rockstar updates and all the rumours related to GTA 6.

Who’s the developer of this game?

The new game of Grand Thief Auto is in development at Rockstar games. A Rockstar game, Inc. is an American based video publisher company established in December 1998. It is best known for the Grand Thief Auto series. It has launched many more games like Bully, L.A. Noire, and the Red Dead, Manhunt and Midnight Club Series. 

Release confirmation

After many rumours and assumptions, Rockstar Games have officially announced that Grand Thief Auto is in development, with production “well underway”. However, its title is yet not announced by the company. At the same time, Rockstar is not ready to disclose the specs of the next title of Grand Thief Auto. But the company said its motive with the new game is to significantly move beyond what it achieved before. 

Release date

In February 2022, Rockstar games announced that they are working on the new title of GTA. But, like in history, we have seen that Rockstar takes 22-24 months to publish the game. So, according to the leaks, the game will be released in 2024, but the company has not given any release date for Grand Thief Auto 6.

GTA 6 platforms

Probably it is the most common thing that everyone wants to know about. First, GTA 5 came out towards the end of console generations, released on PS3 and Xbox360; then, it is being re-released by the company with better graphics and performance on the next sets of consoles. 

But this time, in the case of GTA 6, this pattern will not be repeated. The most significant leaks suggest that the game will be launched excessively for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox series X and S. however, Red Dead Redemption 2 took a lot less time for P.C. players than GTA 5. Still, leaks tell us that GTA 6 may take years for P.C. players. 

GTA 6 Gameplay

Rockstar Games didn’t confirm the specs that this game will provide us, but so many rumours are floating around this game. Some leaks tell us that Grand Thief Auto six will not follow a single character or location; this game will contain multiple locations with access to various maps. For better understanding of game, you can search how to GTA tutorials on Google. 

Will GTA 6 be online?

Rockstar regularly adds new activities and content to its biggest multiplayer world. Given that GTA 4, GTA 5 and both Red Dead Redemption have online servers, we can predict that we must get Grand Thief Auto 6 on online servers.

Will you get this game on P.C.?

Rockstar’s past with this platform is very unpredictable. Still, the immense popularity of Grand Thief Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on P.C. can be a solid reason for Rockstar games to take this platform seriously. In addition, we can probably expect that GTA 6 will come on P.C. but will take a lot of time because it took GTA 5 a year and a half to go to P.C.

Rumours about GTA 6

One of the most excitingrumours about Grand Thief Auto is that it will have a Fortnight-style evolving map. According to rumours, Rockstar will make significant changes to the map of GTA 6; they will try to develop a unique map that anybody has not seen. 

Rumours tell that the game will be set in the 1980s, but reporter Tom Henderson has rejected this claim, saying infect this game will come with a modern-day version of vice-city. It is suggested that the game will come with multiplayer characters; the storytelling device with GTA 5 was much praised; the main three characters of GTA 5 were Trevor, Michel, and Franklin. They all were male; however, the rumours tell us that Grand Thief Auto will include at least one female character. 

Even there are some rumours that suggest that GTA 6 will be launched exclusively for PS5. But these are only the rumours; we cannot trust them blindly until or unless Rockstar itself claims its specs. As a fan of the GTA series, you should be tuned for upcoming official announcements of Rockstar games. 


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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