Different Tools That Helps In The Woodwork Of The House

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When I was first getting started with woodworking, I bought a bunch of cheap tools and just used them to do as much work as possible. While that may have seemed like the right strategy at the time, it wasn’t until I reached a point where I felt comfortable with what I had that I began to upgrade my equipment. 

You’ll hear this sentiment all over the place but there are actually very few tools that you really need to start out building furniture. The only exception would be your router. You will want one of these if you plan on working with plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). If you’re going to use solid wood, then you probably won’t need one. That said, if you plan on using real wood, then you’ll definitely need a router. 

If you don’t have a router yet, then I’d recommend renting one for a week or two while you decide which brand is right for you. It’s not expensive at all and will give you the chance to test drive the machine before investing in it. 

There are many other types of power tools that you can buy for your home workshop but they aren’t absolutely necessary. There are some things that you might need to buy from time to time such as a drill press, jig saws, etc., but you won’t need anything major unless you plan on doing a lot of woodworking. 

Here are the basic tools that you need to get started. 

Drill Press 

A drill press is the single most important tool that you will need when starting out. This is because you can quickly and efficiently cut out holes in wood for a wide variety of projects. You could also use a table saw or a circular saw, but those machines require some skill and finesse to use properly. A drill press can easily replace any of those machines. 


If you’re planning on working with hardwoods then you will definitely need a router. Routers are very versatile pieces of machinery and can accomplish nearly every task imaginable. They come in many different sizes depending on how much material you’re cutting and they can be used to make intricate shapes. In addition, routers come with accessories such as shapers, templates, etc. that allow you to create custom designs that you couldn’t achieve with other methods. 

Circular Saw 

This is another essential piece of equipment that you will need to get started. Circular saws are able to cut large amounts of material quite quickly so you can save yourself significant amounts of time. They’re also incredibly precise and accurate so you won’t have to worry about making mistakes. 

Miter Saw 

While not as crucial as the other tools listed above, you’ll still want a miter saw. These tools are extremely handy because they allow you to cut angled cuts in materials without having to draw lines on them. It also allows you to cut multiple angles simultaneously. 


Similar to a circular saw, jigsaws are also useful because you can cut through wood quickly and accurately. They’re great for creating decorative details on your project and for making curved cuts. 

Hammer Drill 

This is another tool that you’ll want to add to your arsenal. Hammer drills look like regular drill presses but instead of rotating the bit like a standard drill press, hammer drills rotate the bit in a clockwise direction instead. This allows you to cut deeper into wood than traditional drills. Because of their ability to penetrate the wood better, hammer drills can be used to work with harder woods such as oak and mahogany. 

Table Saw 

Finally, we have the table saw. This machine can perform a variety of tasks including cutting long straight lines, curves, and compound angles. Table saws also come with blades designed specifically for each type of cut. As previously mentioned, there are some skills involved when using a table saw so it’s best left to experienced users. 

That’s all the power tools that you’ll ever need to start working on your own projects. With a little practice, you’ll soon become proficient enough with these tools that you will no longer need them. But, even though these are the bare minimum requirements, it’s still good to have at least a few extras around so you can complete more complicated jobs later. 

Having all the material that will help in the woodwork will help in the completion of the work on time and with complete efficiency. A person need to be really careful in choosing the best options for the task. A person can visit www.toolpick.co.uk and get eth detail of the various available options.

Many people purchase power tools after trying to build something and failing miserably. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, take the time to find the tools that work best for you and learn to use them correctly. Once you master the basics, you’ll discover that you’ll never want to stop learning new techniques and tools. 


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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