The Best Italy Guide Books For Foodies And Wine Enthusiasts

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Are you looking to explore all that Italy has to offer? Whether you’re a foodie, wine enthusiast, or just interested in learning more about Italian culture, the best travel books for Italy can help guide your journey. There are so many amazing cities, towns, and villages to explore throughout this country, each offering something unique. With the right guidebook at your side, it’s easy to make the most of your visit. Here’s our list of some of the best travel books for Italy – specifically curated for foodies and wine enthusiasts.

1. ‘Fodor’s Essential Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice & The Top Spots in Between’

This book provides an insider look into Rome, Florence, Venice and other popular spots in between. You get detailed information on attractions and tips from locals on where to get the best authentic meals or great wines. Focused heavily on culture and history of Italy along with its regional cuisine – this is a great resource for travelers who want to go beyond what they can find online.

2. ‘Italy: A Culinary Journey Through The Regions’ by Elisabetta Povoledo

As soon as you open this book – you will be mesmerized by stunning photography featuring some iconic dishes from across the country – like pasta al pesto from Liguria, polenta taragna from Lombardy or arancini siciliani from Sicily! This book also features interesting stories behind each recipe, making it even better! It is written by Elisabetta Povoledo who is a professional cook living in Tuscany – making her recipes extra reliable!

3. ‘The Geography Of Wine In Italy (Italian Edition)’ by Giorgio Dalla Cia

This book takes an intriguing approach towards understanding Italian wines – it looks at how geography plays a role in producing some truly unique flavors! From soil composition to climate conditions across various regions – reading through this book will give you an incredible level of insight into Italian wines that you just cannot learn anywhere else! It comes recommended, especially if you intend taking part in any wine tours while visiting!

4. ‘Osterie d’Italia 2020’: Slow Food Editore

This pocket-sized volume features Slow Food restaurants in 30 regions of Italy, recommended by none other than the Slow Food organisation itself! In fact – Osterie d’Italia 2020 was recently awarded ‘Best International Restaurant Guide 2020’ at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, proving its worth among serious gourmands worldwide! Each entry includes details of food quality & prices, giving readers all the information they need before deciding on their destination dining experience!

5. Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cuisine’ by Oscar Farinetti

Eataly is known as the world’s largest Italian artisan marketplace, founded by Oscar Farinetti, who has now put together a cookbook of his favourite recipes, along with informative tidbits about ingredients used in various parts of Italy, including Veneto & Piedmont, as well as other less popular but equally beautiful destinations such as Abruzzo & Calabria etc! This paperback edition combines traditional recipes with modern twists to create an overall dynamic spread suitable for experienced cooks and beginners alike!

6.’Lonely Planet’s Pocket Rome’ from Lonely Planet

This highly acclaimed brand never fails when it comes to providing useful information on the world’s top tourist destinations such as Rome; you simply can’t ignore the value offered by this particular pocket guide, perfect for day trips within the city limits during short stays there! Filled with fun facts + essential sightseeing tips plus plenty of restaurant recommendations selected exclusively based on the local cuisines served there – this proves to be an ideal choice for both families planning holidays together as well as backpackers travelling solo around Europe!

7 . Rick Steves Snapshot Milan & The Lakes District by Rick Steves

Rick Steves needs no introduction when it comes to recommending great places throughout Europe; his latest work focuses solely on Milan plus the nearby Lakes District, which provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle associated with big cities, with accurate maps accompanying concise descriptions provided within the text body, arriving at desired locations becomes a piece of cake, whether picking up a rental car or opting for public transportation options instead!

8 . Taste of Naples: Exploring the Regional Flavours of Southern Italy’ by Rosanna Marziale

Naples happens to address some very special type(s) of pizza having originated there itself; Rosanna Marziale goes deep into explaining why Neapolitan style stands out among others highlighting key factors contributing to taste palate unlike any other place globally; alongside she shares few personal recipes reflecting true essence found only here within southern parts bordering Campania region filled with ancient sites apart from delicious foods awaiting enthusiastic explorers!!!

From classic restaurant guides to comprehensive wine-tasting books – these 8 titles currently available are sure enough capable of helping you plan memorable trip(s) ahead, exploring distinctive flavours found only here across the entire length and breadth of the nation formerly known as the Roman Empire!


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