Importance of Page Optimization In Boosting Your Sales

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Well, there are thousands of business owners who often overlook page optimization, but they do not know how it can increase their online revenue and customer trust. Business owners and managers usually pay attention to just one side of the website: the front end. They utilize all their strategies to create designs, enhance the site experiences, and push customers to buy. 

That is undoubtedly important because people will only visit your website when it is eye-catching. It is the first thing they will notice, which will convince them to buy and search more and more. However, ever wonder if 90% of people are watching your online website why the sales are just 30%? It is because unknown retailer often presents them as risky. 

No matter how much the ecommerce platform has grown up, people still hesitate while sharing any of their details unless they are sure that their information is in safe hands. It is evident that price point and complexity play a significant role, but improving the checkout experience will boost your sales, increase customer customers’ trust in you, and empower your business.

 Here are some of the Big Commerce optimization tips that will surely help you increase your demand in the market and improve your checkout experience, which will automatically boost your sale.

Capture the email address initially

You cannot convince 100% of your customers to buy from you. But you can emphasize their checkout experience and make them confident about your website. Grab the email address of your customers as soon as possible. It should be the first step they should take to visit your website.

 In this way, you will know the person’s details, and you can make sure that they are entirely impressed with you. However, it requires the user to check-in and chooses whether they want to leave as a guest or create an account for further purchases. 

It will also tell you and the customer if they are already an account associated with it or not. Several companies require email first, without which you cannot abandon your cart. It has made 15%-20% of people come back, but the proportion has decreased. 

Replace the header and footer and remove other distractions

Your checkout page must only focus on checkout rather than any other distractions like sales or further links. Removing the core header and footer can eliminate the distraction and make your cart look professional and engaging. In addition, you can add additional information on the sides, like privacy concerns or order by phone information. 

Several companies also offer live chat features to solve your queries and make your experience worthwhile. If your customers are satisfied with you and trust you, they will only buy anything from your website. 

That is why you must make sure you make your cart look excellent, attractive, and worthy of buying. No doubt, if the cart looks professional, then only people will process forward.

Make sure your cart page looks simple and quick

If you are willing to enhance your sales, remove all the unnecessary clutter. Keep the cart page simple and remove all the distractions. Just add the summary of what the customer has chosen and all the apparent information. It will increase the friction of buying instantly.

 If the next step in your cart is the shipping method, ensure that customers do not have to figure out where to fill in all the information. It should be clear and cut, and effortless. The steps should explain it clearly. It attracts people to process quickly. It shows your professionalism and your liability.

 Moreover, the process of adding anything to the cart should not be straightforward; it will impact the journey of the users by taking them just to the cart page after every addition. It makes them disoriented, and they stop choosing another one. Along with that, if they have wish-listed any of the items, make sure you display it on the cart page; it will make sure they buy more than usual. 

Remove any unexpected cost 

It is essential that your website remains true to your customer. The unexpected addition of the costs is the number one reason people abandon their carts. Several times websites show something different while looking and add some extra bucks while initiating. It makes people disoriented, and they stop buying. 

Along with that, high shipping charges have also led to abandonment. If a person is buying thousands of items, are you still adding the shipping charges, and they will hesitate before buying. 

Do not hide any shipping policies or extra payments when people are scrolling so that they are clear and cut about how much they are spending, and the company is not charging them any extra money.

Display trust signals

It is evident that people always want to buy from a trustworthy website. However, they still hesitate to share any personal details when it comes to checking out. Therefore, it is crucial that you show trust signals throughout the user’s shopping journey. It will make them feel secure and safe and gain their trust. 

Trust signals like showings ratings and reviews of the other customers on the left of the pictures. Showing SSL certificates or ISI certifications makes sure that the product you are buying is up to mark. You can also provide a transparent logo of payment availability and customer care services. These all trust signals will make the customer confidence.

The final verdict

 Checkout page optimization is essential when it comes to an increase in sales. Thousands of people are willing to buy stuff from different websites but hesitate due to security and other reasons.

However, business owners should not only make their first end attractive but also make the checkout page easy, quick, and away from distractions. Then, it will be easy for people to buy without inconvenience. It will boost your sales in the long run. Apart from it, your business will be connected to accurate and genuine customers rather than fraud ones.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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