How To Use Seo To Get Quality Website Traffic And Improve Your Business

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If you are looking for a proven way to improve your business venture online, you cannot miss exploring Search Engine Optimization.

Better known as SEO, this process escalates the volume and improves the quality of website traffic coming from search engines whether through search or organic results. The website’s rank on SERP or the Search Engine Result Page determines the volume of potential visitors of a website.

This may sound highly intimidating to a beginner. If you are novice in internet marketing but want to get more traffic to your site, look no farther!

You can get valuable website traffic by using SEO and integrating it with other more conventional and easier to understand marketing strategies.

Using SEO with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, Yahoo Overture, Google AdWords and Pay Per Click (PPC) are established advertising strategies which yield fast results. In fact, these advertising gems can already produce results as early as day one. However, one important point to consider is that a PPC or pay per click cannot be controlled past the minimum amount per click.

This is how you can use SEO to optimize your paid advertising. A Search Engine Result Page scheme can yield long-standing leverage in accordance to the information produced by a PPC campaign. The information which can be used include ad copy, keywords, or traffic volume. As soon as the outcomes of the SEO start coming in, the advertising budget can be gradually re-directed to the SEO campaigns.

Using SEO with Social Media

Thanks to the vast influence of social media, more and more companies are taking their businesses on social media platforms. Yet, the return on investment harvested from social media campaigns still remain hard to prove.

Oftentimes, the returns from social media campaigns come in the form of business exposure and brand engagement among potential customers only. Although these are undoubtedly vital in promoting a product or service, it is hard to calculate a concrete return with only these factors as basis.

In this situation, internet marketers can utilize SEO to get more visible business return past the walled social media networks. SEO is useful because it enables potential customers to locate your business through the use of keywords instead of mere connections.

In this sense, social media and SEO complement each other. A lot of search engines including the giant ones such as Google now acknowledge that social media evaluation is a vote of confidence essential in promoting a website.

Using SEO with Public Relations

Public relations may be a traditional tool in advertisement but its importance still ring true even over the internet. Public relations is about introducing your business to people, creating and establishing your band, and building the credibility of your business.

In order to create a remarkable profile online, you need to use public relations by getting wider coverage in news publications, gaining a buzz among bloggers, and making an impression in social media.

This is how SEO and Public Relations go hand in hand. The two strategies work together to introduce your company name or brand to a wider public. SEO and Public relations also combine to leverage your business credibility coming from keynote speeches, news coverage, as well as other public events.

Using the ground-breaking results of SEO by integrating them to easier marketing concepts such as paid advertising, social media and public relations promise great marketing potential.

It helps online business ventures, especially start-ups, on how to attract traffic to their websites without having to resort to complicated and vague methods. When trying to get more traffic to your website, always consider a course you can easily understand and use.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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