How Can People Build Their Trust Towards Capital One Shopping App?

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Many people have a difficult time trusting anything digital because of the well-publicized hacks that have taken place in the past. However, one company has been able to earn its trust and put digital transactions in a more positive light. You can also consider capital one shopping reviews if you don’t trust this app.

Capital One is an American bank that has opened up an app that allows people not just to get their checking account balance but also for users to make purchases with their phones. It does so by using facial recognition technology and eliminating fake transactions during check-out. This app is a prime example of how digital transactions can be more trustworthy to people who may have previously not trusted digital platforms. Some significant factors mentioned below help people build trust in the Capital One shopping app.

  • Well-Known Platform –

Capital One has long been a trusted and well-known name in the banking industry. Anyone with an account with this company will feel at ease using their app to make purchases. Unlike other apps with less reputable backgrounds, Capital One has proven for years that they are trustworthy and do not need to steal information from its users.

  • App Is Free –

Capital One is available to download for free on the app store. This gives the ability to use this app to anyone with an Apple or Android device and can connect it with an internet connection. It is an excellent way for people in developing countries to use the app without spending money on their phones for it to work.

  • Secure and Safe Manner of Doing Business –

The company embraces a secure and safe manner of doing business by using facial recognition software, thus eliminating fake transactions. In addition, it can help people trust the system more because they feel safe and secure with how it is going about its verification process.

  • Capital One Has Been Around Since 1968 –

They are not a start-up company that may try to take advantage of users who are not yet aware of their reputation. Capital One has been around for over forty years and has not yet been hacked to the point where they gather information from their customers.

  • Banks Taking Advantage of Digital Transactions –

Many people do not understand why banks and other financial institutions are using digital platforms to do business instead of just using their everyday operations. People have turned against digital transactions because large amounts of personal information are stored in these apps, and some have even been hacked. While it is a problem, Capital One has taken advantage of the confusion and created a secure and efficient platform. As a result, they are not only taking advantage of the digital revolution, but they are also making it more trusted by their customers.

When people trust a brand, they expect it to be consistent in how it handles its business and makes decisions that affect the consumer’s experience. When the brand changes, then there is an expectation for them to explain why they made things different. The same applies to people who trust entities such as Capital One.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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