How Can I Gain Weight I Want Something That Really Works

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You just asked yourself for the nth time, how can I gain weight? If you happen to be among the few underweight individuals, you know exactly how hard things can get when it comes to packing on the pounds. But really, it’s just the same as losing weight, which had already gained so many successes to date. All you need is just a little planning and considering good nutrition and you’ll be on your way. Read on and learn.

How Can I Gain Weight – Some Truths to Ponder

Being too thin to begin with also poses serious health risks. Extremely lean individuals are prone to possess weaker immune systems, which is more like open season for infections, various illnesses with significantly slower recovery times, and even surgical complications. That’s not all; you still have to contemplate about having low muscle mass, bone health issues, and having not-so-ideal hair, skin and teeth composition. To gain weight you may consider all these serious eye openers.

And the list goes on. However, you are also after the universal question How can I gain weight? This should tell you to get your act together soon so you won’t have to read until the end of the list, and then you won’t have to keep asking yourself how on earth you are going to gain weight?

When It’s Time to Counteract

So How Can I Gain Weight? All these things mentioned above could be readily prevented simply by maintaining that healthy and ideal weight, something that’s obviously different from one individual to another. Ideally, women should be 105 pounds for every five feet at the least, while the men should rack up at 106 pounds.

Healthy Ways to Get the Figures Rolling

Go for meals with the proper carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fat balance. Here’s a good ratio suggestion: 60-70% coming from carbohydrates, some 10-15% from proteins, and just a small amount of fat. The right fats are those coming from olive or canola oil, unsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, walnuts and almonds. To gain some weight, you should start here.

Factoring In the Nutrients

It would also be smart to consume foods very rich in vitamins, minerals and calories. This is not the same as consuming high fat stuff or sugar. You are better off factoring these in. Care to pack in more of those nutritious calories in every serving. You can try adding grated cooked eggs into mashed potatoes for example or ground chicken into your favorite soups, cheese in casseroles, and so on.

If you find yourself getting full fast, try having more of those high in calorie foods instead of gobbling up the whole thing (mango slices over one whole mango, raisins versus grapes, etc).

The Thing about Beverages

You also have to think about limiting yourself to beverages before and after meals. Mixed juices are ideal since they encourage higher calorie intakes. Squeeze some snacks in between meals (yogurts, dried fruits and nuts). Nutritious snacks before bedtime may also be a good idea. So, how can I gain weight There goes your peanut butter sandwich.


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