Discovering What Really Resonates With You When It Comes To Incorporating Positive Thinking Into Your Life

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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to stay positive even in the face of adversity, while others can’t seem to stay upbeat no matter how hard they try? Perhaps that’s because they have discovered what really resonates with them when it comes to incorporating positive thinking into their lives. Reprogramming your mind with positive affirmations is a powerful tool that can help you create a more optimistic outlook and make lasting changes in your life.

The Subconscious Power of Positive Affirmations

If you want to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations and make a real difference in your day-to-day life, then it’s important to understand how they work. Positive affirmations are short, powerful statements that we repeat to ourselves over and over again. They are designed to affect our subconscious minds so that we start believing the things we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can do. By repeating these positive messages often enough, our brains become trained to think positively instead of negatively. We begin seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses instead of gloomy ones.

Understanding Your Goals

Before you start using positive affirmations, it’s important for you to take the time to think about what kind of life you would like to create for yourself. This helps ensure that your affirmations will be focused on achieving those goals rather than simply making empty promises or having unrealistic expectations. Ask yourself questions such as “What do I ultimately want out of life?” “What do I value most?” “What kind of person do I wish I could be?” Once you have a clear idea of where you want to go and what steps need to be taken, writing your own personalized affirmations becomes much easier.

Creating Powerful Affirmations

Once you know what your goals are, it’s time to start crafting powerful affirmation statements that will resonate with you and help get rid of any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that may be holding you back from achieving success. Here are a few tips for creating effective affirmations:

    1) Use present tense:

Make sure all your affirmations use the present tense language since this reinforces the idea that the desired outcome is already happening now (e.g., “I am confident and successful!”).

    2) Keep them simple:

Try not to overload each affirmation statement with too many details; keep it concise yet meaningful (e.g., “I attract abundance in my life!”).

    3) Personalize them:

Pick words or phrases that feel personal and authentic for maximum effectiveness (e.g., “I am worthy of love and respect!”).

    4) Be specific:

Choose words carefully so as not to leave any room for doubt or confusion (e.g., “I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind on!”).

    5) Believe in yourself:

Most importantly—believe in every word you say! If there is any hesitation or uncertainty behind an affirmation statement, then it won’t have the same power as one said with conviction (e.g., “I am strong enough to handle whatever comes my way!”).

Make time for self-affirmation        

Now that you know how to create powerful affirmations, the next step is to learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine so that they become part of your regular habits – not just something you say every now and then when you are feeling down or discouraged, but rather something that is made part of your daily practice, just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast every morning without fail. The best way to achieve this is to set aside a time each day dedicated solely to self-affirmation, which serves as an invaluable reminder to view the world through the lens of self-worth, power, optimism, and hope, even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Every morning before you start your day, set a timer for five minutes, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, say your favorite three or four affirmations out loud and look in the mirror until the timer goes off. Doing this encourages belief in the truth behind the feelings, and allows you to bask in the beauty, the possibilities, and the new possibilities ahead, rather than focusing on the failures and disappointments of the past. In addition, repetition helps to solidify ideas, thus eliminating potential doubts and uncertainties that may arise later in the course day. Finally, the practice of gratitude, expressing gratitude for the blessings experienced in the previous twenty-four hours, further solidifies the opportunity to receive similar gifts and future moments that add up to a beautiful journey, growth, healing, and transformation.

Practice Mindful Living

Changing thought patterns takes effort, dedication, and mindful living. To implement changes learned far must actively pay attention to current feelings reactions decision-making process well physical body sensations throughout the day note when feelings are anxious overwhelmed happy content etc. also helpful pauses reflect on certain scenarios observe behavior patterns perpetuated both internally and externally come away learn more self constructive ways combat unhealthy reactions situations arise eventually strive approach everything done attitude curiosity open-mindedness allowing space exploration growth joy sorrow acceptance new found understanding everyday interactions lead way true harmony inner peace connection greater whole ultimately enjoy happier healthier existence overall.


In summary, discovering what really resonates requires honest introspection, willingness to explore the depths of self-identity, uncovering truths beneath the surface, harnessing the power of positivity to fuel the journey, bringing about long-dreamed-of changes, living mindful, taking responsibility, acting, forming healthy relationships, internal and external worlds leading to a fulfilling, rewarding lifestyle filled with infinite possibilities beyond imagination. Take courage and embrace change to begin within to unlock the door endless possibilities await brave hearts willing to embark on wonderful adventures find worthiness belonging dream wisdom fulfill extraordinary potential hidden deep within the soul release limitless creativity love kindness serve the purpose and greater good of all humanity.


Kisha Tucker is a journalist based in Singapore. He is also an awardee of multiple recognitions in the field of journalism.

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